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Investor FAQs


1. Additional Questions

Please contact Kulicke and Soffa's Investor Relation's department:   
Kulicke & Soffa, Inc.   
Phone: 215-784-7500   
Fax: 215-784-6180   
Email:      Or by visiting      


1. When and where was Kulicke and Soffa incorporated?

Kulicke & Soffa was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1956.

2. When did Kulicke and Soffa issue an initial public offering?

Kulicke & Soffa made it's initial public offering OTC in 1961 and was one of the first companies to be listed on NASDAQ in 1971.

3. What is the ticker symbol and the exchange that Kulicke and Soffa traded on?

Kulicke & Soffa is traded on the NASDAQ with the ticker symbol of KLIC.

4. When is Kulicke and Soffa's fiscal year?

Kulicke & Soffa's fiscal period is a rolling 13 week quarter starting early October and ending late September.

5. Who are Kulicke and Soffa's independent accountants/auditors?

Kulicke & Soffa's independent auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Additional information on them can be found at:

6. Does Kulicke and Soffa have a quiet period?

As a general policy, the Company does not participate in conferences 2 weeks prior to releasing earnings.  However, please feel free to contact Investor Relations at any time with specific inquiries.


1. Who do I contact regarding my physical stock certificates?

The American Stock Transfer & Trust Company serves as Kulicke & Soffa's transfer agent. They can be reached at (800) 937-5449, or by visiting

2. What is Kulicke and Soffa's CUSIP number?

Kulicke and Soffa's CUSIP number is 501242101.

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